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It is a pleasure to work with talented people, so here are some of those with whom I work. We all run our own businesses, and collaborate whenever required.

Torsten Sherwood

Torsten read Architecture at the University of Bath, and is not just a true "design thinker" but a real designer - and craftsman - too. His furniture, which he both designs and constructs, has been exhibited at the Salon Satellite international exhibition in Milan, and in 2014/15, for his appointment as Designer in Residence at London's Design Museum, Torsten invented a revolutionary, and totally innovative, large-scale construction toy, noook. Using just a single, large, cardboard component, children can build at scale, making, for example, their own dens. noook has attracted much acclaim, having been featured in, for example, Dezeen and Wired.

Torsten Sherwood, designer and architect extraordinaire

Judith Hackett

Judith is a very skilled and wise consultant, with the energy of any three 'normal' people.Technically, Judith is a

Chartered Cost and Management Accountant; in action, Judith is both an insightful observer of what is really going on, and also highly action- and results-driven. If you what to get something done, and done well, ask Judith to do it.

Judith's career extends over both line management, including her role as the Finance Director of Thames Water Services (a £200m turnover subsidiary of Thames Water plc), and also consulting, at Coopers & Lybrand, SRI Consulting, and now running her own business, Alpha Action.

Judith Hackett, organisational expert
Bernard Minsky, analytical whizz

Bernard Minsky

Bernard is a rocket scientist, as in Financial Services, having played senior roles in risk management at Goldman Sachs, a hedge fund manager, and an asset manager. Complexity and risk; numbers and statistics; and discovering the underlying patterns in 'big data': if these are relevant to you, then give Bernard a call! 

Rob Eastaway

Mathematician. Engineer. Cricketer. Consultant. Puzzler. Radio personality. Winner of the Zeeman Medal of the London Mathematical Society. Innovator. Prolific author. Originator of the official world rankings of international cricketers. Creative genius. And, above all else, communicator. A communicator par excellence, especially of difficult concepts, as exemplified by Rob's work in enthusing young people about mathematics - the work for which Rob was awarded that highly prestigious medal.

Rob Eastaway, masterful communicator
Patrick McKenna, legal expert

Patrick McKenna

Patrick has deep experience in advising professional organisations, especially law firms. To be effective - as Patrick undoubtedly is - this requires a special 'touch': law firms are notoriously dismissive of 'outsiders', and if there's one thing that lawyers do supremely well, and far better than any other discipline and profession, it's to argue. Lawyers argue about everything, and they argue long and hard. So getting things done isn't so easy. That's where Patrick is peerless. His books, as well as his experience and his personal style, immediately command respect, authority and trust; and when the advice is thoughtful, thought-through, and thorough, that's a good place to be.

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