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Creativity at the Deming Forum



On 14 November 2012, Dennis and Charlie Coode ran a one-day public conference - or rather Master Class - on behalf of the Deming Transformation Forum. This was the first public event we've run for several years, and covered 'deliberate creativity', 'wise evaluation', and also how to build and lead a sustainable culture of safe creativity and innovation. It was indeed a good show, enjoyed by participants from organisations as diverse as, for example, Morgan Stanley, Suffolk County Council, Eton College, The General Lighthouse Authority, and Legal & General.

"The content, and the presenters, were exceptional."

"Creativity has at last been demystified, and made into a process I can actually use."

"Never again will I say 'I am not a creative person'."

"I now have a much richer understanding of how important it is to build the right culture rather than just 'sheep-dip' people in so-called 'creativity training' ."

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Creativity talk at the Deming Transformation Forum  Conference
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