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Dennis speaks for the third time at the Deming Transformation Forum 



For the third time, Dennis was invited to give a presentation at the annual Deming Transformation Forum.


At previous conferences, Dennis's topics have been systems thinking and deliberate creativity; this year's topic was Organodynamics - How to get useful work out of organisations.

In the nineteenth century, one of the key scientific questions was "how do you make steam engines maximally efficient?". Many great scientists contributed to the answers to this question, and collectively, they developed the branch of science known as 'thermodynamics', which is based on three fundamental physical laws. Inspired by the powerful insights of thermodynamics, Dennis wondered whether or not there might be a read across to an important question of today: "how do you make organisations maximally efficient?". In Dennis's view, there is and there are three laws too, of which perhaps the third is the most important:


 "Organisations end up with the cultures they deserve."

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"Organodynamics" at the Deming Forum
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