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Dennis addresses the Major Projects Association



Innovation - A strategic enterprise view was the title of Dennis's presentation at a recent conference of the Major Projects Association. The central theme of the presentation was suggested by a quotation from The Economist:


“Unlike cutting costs, or making an acquisition, innovation does not happen just because the chief executive wills it. Indeed, it is confoundedly difficult to come up with new ideas year in, year out – especially brilliant ones. Underneath the gurus’ diagrams, lists and charts, most of the available answers seem to focus on two strengths that are difficult to create by diktat - a culture that looks for new ideas, and leaders who know which ones to back.”


Is this assertion true? And, if it is, why? What can that beleaguered chief executive do to fix things? To find out Dennis's answers, click on the image...

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How to be creative - conference talk at the Major Projects Association
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