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Research council endorses Silver Bullet


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the body that funds much of the academic scientific research in the UK, has endorsed Silver Bullet as an approved supplier for their "Creativity@home" programme. As explained on the EPSRC's website, this scheme provides grants explicitly to encourage increased ambition, boldness and creativity in scientific research, and the building of sustainable cultures of scientific creativity.


Silver Bullet's recognition as a preferred supplier follows a pilot programme in which Dennis and Torben Sherwood ran a highly successful project for the teams led by Professors Miles Padgett and Mervyn Miles, of the Departments of Physics at the Universities of Glasgow and Bristol respectively. Further highly successful assignments have been carried out for Professor Timothy Donohoe, of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, and Professor David Broomhead, of the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester. If you would like more information on how the "Creativity@home" programme works, and how it can be of value, please contact Dennis.


"Having experienced many events and facilitators, I believe Dennis Sherwood is excellent. His style is very appropriate to a bunch of scientists, who tend by their very nature to be sceptical. What I valued most are not the ideas we generated, but even more valuable was the process he took us through to get there. The process is one that I and my team have adopted, and use regularly to great effect. I could say something about giving us a fish or a fishing lesson and in this case the lesson was excellent."


"Everyone was extremely impressed with Creativity@home. The group came away highly energised, and has continued to implement the techniques learned. The systematic approach to creativity developed and presented by the Silver Bullet team clearly works, and is of a style particularly suited to scientists and engineers. It was a remarkable and valuable experience for us all, and we expect to continue to reap the benefits for quite some time into the future."

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