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Four books, all published in 2022
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Creativity for Scientists and Engineers
Missing the Mark - Why so many school exam grades are wrong
Creativity for the Mathematical Sciences
Systems Thinking Illustrated

Silver Bullet's expertise

The innovation 'target'

Idea generation and evaluation  

Building an innovative culture

Causal loop diagram

Systems thinking

Building high-performing teams
Creativity Activity Pack

Building high-performing teams

Training and knowledge transfer

Strategy and scenario planning
Making innovation happen
Modelling and simulation

Strategy development and scenario planning 


Business and market


Building ultimate competitive advantage

Yes, you know that if you continue to do the same things in the same way, you won't just end up in the same place - you'll end up in a far worse place as the markets and the competition move past. So you must continuously strive to do things differently and better : differently and better as compared to the things you are currently doing, differently and better as compared to the competition.

But before you can actually do something differently and better,


you have to have the ideas first.

Surely, creativity - having great ideas - drives innovation - making the best of those ideas real.


Fine words. But how can you generate stunning ideas, on demand, whenever and wherever you need to? How can you distinguish wisely between the good ideas and the not so good?


And how can you make something real actually happen?


By working with us, that's how. To find our more, click on the pictures...

And to find out just what a 'Silver Bullet Machine' actually is, click here...

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