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On creativity, innovation and systems thinking

Here are some videos, podcasts, magazine articles and blogs on creativity, innovation and systems thinking, and also some reviews of my recent book, Creativity for Scientists and Engineers:

Videos and podcasts

Author spotlight with Dennis Sherwood (IOP Publishing, 11 October 2022)




Rethinking creativity with Dennis Sherwood (The Extraordinary Business Book Club, with Alison Jones, 3 July 2023)


How can an academic leader also be a great manager? (Panel discussion, Royal Society of Chemistry, 13 March 2024)

Magazine articles and blogs

Creativity is not an accident (Valve World, 1 November 2015)


Murder on the academic express (HEPI, 6 November 2018)


How inventors build on pre-existing ideas (The Guardian letters, 12 March 2020)


Creativity's five most important words (Thinkers360, 21 March 2020)


Thinking differently about creativity (Half-baked Education, 17 November 2020)



How to Boost Your Creativity (co-authored with Professor Nicolas J Higham, SIAM News, June 2022)


Creativity isn't about novelty - it's about difference (Engineering Professors Council, 14 November 2022)


Creativity is not a ‘black art’! (Stainless Steel World, April 2023, page 28)


Yes, ChatGPT really is creative! (FE News, 30 May 2023)


‘To teach creativity, we need to agree on what it is’ (School Management Plus, 5 June 2023)



Hamilton’s Discovery of the Quaternions and Creativity in Mathematics (co-authored with Professor Nicolas J Higham, Newsletter of the London Mathematical Society, July 2023, page 28)


Don’t be a victim of disruptive innovation (co-authored with Mike Semens-Flanagan, Valve World, August 2023, page 28)

Creativity is important - but what, precisely, is it? (Education in Science, February 2024, page 17)

Creativity’s Place In The Curriculum (Teaching Times, 10 April 2024)

What is a good idea? (Education in Science, May 2024, page 21)



Talking About Creativity (Stewart Willis, Optics & Photonics News, 20 November 2022)


Creativity on demand (Stewart Willis, Optics & Photonics News, December 2022)



Creative licence: how to stimulate innovation and generate new ideas (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 10 June 2023)

Creativity for Scientists and Engineers: A practical guide (School Science Review, March 2024, page 48)




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