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Videos and podcasts about the unreliability of school exam grades

Here are some videos and podcasts discussing the problem of unreliable GCSE, AS and A level school exam grades in England:

More or Less (BBC Radio 4, 23 August 2019)


A Broken Social Contract (Panel discussion at the Oxford Union, 23 May 2022)



The Great Grading Scandal Seminar at the Department of Education, University of Bristol,18 October 2022)


In conversation with Sarah Fletcher (Edge Foundation, 21 November 2022)



Frank and Stan Chat Spotlight with Dennis Sherwood (Frank Norris and Stan Johnson, 6 July 2023)


The Great School Exam Scandal (TikTok, 19 July 2023)


One in four grades is WRONG! (A discussion with James Mannion, Rethinking Education, 18 August 2023)


Navigating Client Dissatisfaction (System Dynamics Society, 3 November 2023)

1 IN 4 GRADES is WRONG at GCSE and A LEVEL! (Mr Salles teaches English, 10 November 2023)

What happens when the client doesn’t like the answer (UK Operational Research Society, 18 January 2024)






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